Tutti i nostri Basset Hound vivono nella nostra fattoria in Sardegna, con tanto spazio a disposizione per muoversi e trascorrere momenti divertenti insieme a noi. Abbiamo l’abitudine di portare i nostri amici a fare lunghe passeggiate nei sentieri della campagna circostante, oppure sulle bellissime spiagge della nostra zona, per godere della Natura incontaminata della Gallura.



All of our Basset Hounds live in our farm in Sardinia, with a lot of space to move around and spend fun times with us. We are used to take our dogs for long walks in the paths of Gallura countryside, or for a healthy run on our beautiful beaches, in the middle of the pristine nature of our land. To learn more about them and find out their characteristics you just need to click on the name of the dogs , you will get the full record for each of them. You can also refer to the pedigree of each through the link marked in light blue.


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